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Bosch Battery Charger - BAT645 

Bosch Battery Charger - BAT645

Reward Description

The universal BAT 645 is designed to charge all battery types, including: lead-acid, maintenance-free, standard, gel, fleece, AGM, EFB and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries. Using its soft charging phase, the BAT 645 can automatically charge heavily-depleted batteries.

Featuring as standard, both a backup mode, maintaining voltage supply to buffer data during battery replacement (e.g. for car stereos, supply and control units, etc.) and floating mode, to keep the SOC of the battery and stabilise the vehicle’s electrical system when the engine is off. In floating mode, the battery charger can support the on-board power supply during any control unit updates.

• Automatic charging characteristics for different types of battery: Charge batteries easily and efficiently
• 45 A of continuous current output is able to charge all types of 12 V and 22 A for 24 V battery: Truly universal charging
• Soft charging phase: For heavily depleted batteries
• Backup mode: Maintains voltage supply to buffer data during battery replacement
• Floating Mode: Power supply support during control unit updates
• Dot matrix display in 18 languages: Clear measurement readings
• USB port keeps battery charger software up-to-date: For futureproofing
• Charger holder for wall mounting: Convenient for extended charging periods
• Compact: Only 220 (w) x 115.5 (h) x 296mm (d) for space saving in the workshop or in-transit
• Robust housing: Durable for daily use 

Part#: 0687000164
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