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Bosch A/C Service Unit - ACS611 

Bosch A/C Service Unit - ACS611

Reward Description

Fast and powerfully effective, the ACS 611 has been specially designed to carry out the maintenance of R134a refrigerant-based air conditioning systems with a minimum of direct intervention from a technician.

The unit automatically controls every phase of maintenance and service, including oil and refrigerant recovery, recycling and refilling. However, the manual mode gives the technician the option to control all phases individually, if so desired.

The powerful dual stage vacuum pump assures quick and effective system cleaning.

• A choice of settings for full automatic service or individual processes: For time and cost efficiencies
• 170 litres/minute vacuum pump: For fast, deep, high performance system cleaning
• Large internal 20 kg refrigerant tank: For fewer refills, flexibility and time-saving
• User-friendly interface: For ease of operation
• Printer: For detailed reports in hard copy for transparency with customers
• Database for all vehicle models: For accurate AC vehicle service
• Easy access to filter dryer and vacuum pump: For fast and easy routine maintenance
• Separate Oil/UV dye injection bottles: To prevent cross-contamination

Part#: SP00000002
130,000 Point

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